Get to Work, Inc. provides services to aid organizations in developing successful community and workforce development initiatives.  Services include – but are not limited to:

Program/Initiative Reviews

When you perform tasks day in and day out, it can become difficult to uncover even the smallest ways to increase effectiveness.  GTW will analyze your existing programs and provide a roadmap to change and ensuring success.

Budget Analysis & Resource Allocation

Budgeting and resources are two of the most critical aspects of a successful program.  We will review your budget and provide methods of combining resources and simplifying processes to maximize your existing funding.

Identify/Establish Partnerships

It truly takes a village to accomplish most tasks – and community development is one of them. While you may not have ALL the resources or funds, partnerships can go a long way in bridging gaps in areas of deficits.


Don’t allow your organization to lose funding and miss the opportunity to serve the underserved! Contact us TODAY!